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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week #2

Only one more week here in the Missionary Training Center! I'm so excited to get to California. I leave next Tuesday at 8am, arrive in Sacramento 12pm. Yeehaw! This week was pretty good. We got a new teacher, Sister Lautaha, from Hawaii. She is new and being trained by one of our old teachers, Bro. Yorgason. Bro. Taylor got moved to teaching another class. That's a bummer (he's the one that was like Joe Heywood), but Sis. Lautaha is great too.
I ran into Elder Danny Marshall, Big Chris's nephew! That's pretty cool to talk to him. I remember going with Grandpa to drop him off at his friend's house just before he went into the MTC and thinking, "Man, that's me in a month." Now I'm here, and I'm sure my other friends are waiting anxiously to come... Logan, Caleb, you know who you are.
Every Sunday and Tuesday evening we have an MTC devotional. Last Sunday one of the MTC presidency talked to us; he used to be a mission medical director. He talked about missionary health things and not doing anything stupid. He shared a story about one Elder who thought it would be cool to hurdle a row of garbage cans and ended up breaking his leg and hip. He was sent home for a while to heal before he was able to finish his mission. In middle of the story, I remembered, "Hey, he's talking about Preston Bishoff!" Haha, cool, huh?
Hopes: I hope I get a really good companion out in the field. I hope he's hard-working, obedient, and likes to run.
Dreams: I dream that my mission experience will be the best, and that I will have no regrets.
Secret Crushes: We're not allowed to have those.
We had a tie swap last night! The hot design around here is paisley. I got some good ones. One of them has an inflatable pillow inside it for those sleepy sacrament meetings :)
Wanna hear a joke? It's borderline inappropriate. One of the Elders in my district told it. "So a pirate walks into a bar. The bartender said, 'Why do you have a steering wheel in your pants?' The pirate said, 'Yarr, it's driving me nuts!'" I laughed the hardest I have this week when I heard this joke :)
I would send pictures, but my camera is being repaired and hasn't been sent back to me yet. I hope it gets here before I leave. Well, I'll talk to ya'll next week, in California! Love you lots,
Elder Chris Andrew
California Sacramento Mission
8267 Deseret Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

PS After I get to Sacramento next week, I might change my address from the mission office to my apartment address. Just keep that in mind if you write me soon.

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