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Monday, March 19, 2012


This week it rained...... a ton. It even snowed in our area last night! All the hills have exploded in green and the creeks are raging. Hopefully it's enough to fill up our reservoirs for the hot summer. There's a lot of ranchers that need irrigation for their cattle here.
On Monday our district met with one of our awesome members and toured Pardee Dam! Bro. Rowan manages the dam, controlling the level of the lake and all the water that he sends downstream to supply ranchers and also major cities in the valley. He showed us the warehouse and generators, and the he took us inside the dam, which is built from solid concrete, and showed us the stairway to the top. There are 278 steps. We climbed to the top and he let me sign my name, the only place that graffiti is allowed. It was awesome!
On Monday we also got a visit from Elder (Jaron, now) Harral! Him and his family came for spring break. It was cool to see him and meet his parents.
On Tuesday we had to travel south to Manteca to get our oil changed in our Corolla. It took a long time to drive and was a total miles killer. And tomorrow we have to go to Stockton for a zone conference! I hate using so many of our monthly allotment of miles in one day. Oh well.
On Saturday we helped two people move into the wards. Luckily they had everything well-packed and it went fast, 'cause it rained almost all day.
Sunday was our Stake Conference. There was a great talk by one of our bishops about the sacrament and Atonement. I can't write everything he said, but he spoke about truly valuing the time we have each week to partake of the sacrament. Many of us just routinely eat and drink the bread and the water, but we should remember to view the sacrament as a type of Christ. This Stake Conference has gotten me excited for General Conference in a couple weeks.
It's been a slow week for teaching, but it's looking better already for this week. Talk to you later! Love,

Elder Chris Andrew
California Sacramento Mission
8267 Deseret Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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