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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week #4

This week has been awesome. I flew into Sacramento on Tuesday, spent the night at the Assistants to the President's home, and then was assigned an area and companion the next day. My companion is awesome! His name is Elder Forster, from Salt Lake City. He likes to ride motocross and he hunts, too. He's really chill, and we work well together. My first observation of Sacramento is that it's really flat. There's one area north in the mission that is hill-y and you can see the mountains: El Dorado Hills. I was praying, "please, I wanna go there!" I was assigned the El Dorado Hills ward! We also cover another ward, Folsom 4th. They are both great wards. All the members ask us if we already have dinner set up, and every night we always have dinner at a member's house. Most of the members I've talked to visit Utah frequently, and most of them have been to Moab at least once. I talked with one guy yesterday about the White Rim Trail for a while. It's awesome. The people in this town are somewhat better-off, so the investigators are harder to come by, but the work is great. We have a baptismal date! Jody is getting baptized on the 24th. Exciting stuff! I'm still learning about what we do and how we do it, so I don't think I'm all that effective yet, but I'm working on it.

ALL the roads here have medians dividing the lanes. And I've only seen one Arizona and one Missouri licence plate. That's kinda weird to a kid who grew up in Moab, seeing plates from all over every day. But the weather here is just like southeastern Utah! Hot and dry, feels like home :) The water tastes gross, nothing like Moab water. Cherish it.

So out in the mission field, we have a special way of keeping track of our lives. I was "born" here in Folsom, and Elder Forster is my "dad." Every month I have a birthday, until I turn 24. Then I "die." I remember my "pre-existence" well, and my friends and family there love me and are cheering for me :)

Funny, huh? Anyways, if I had done anything to prepare myself better for a mission, I would've been more involved with the missionaries in Moab and inviting my friends to meet with them. I understand better now how much the members help in missionary work.

I just got a message saying that my camera won't be here for another couple weeks. As soon as I get it, I promise to include pictures every week!

Life is good.

Love you all!

Elder Chris Andrew
California Sacramento Mission
8267 Deseret Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

PS you can mail me at the address above. The mission office just forwards it to my apartment.

Sterling Holden and Kerri Fife, if you read these letters, you should mail me and tell how you're doing. I want your addresses.

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