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Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 18

This week E. Amos and I have both been sick. I got a cold, and Amos was nauseous, so we had to stay in the apartment for most of the week. It's not like staying home from school, where you can watch movies and play around on the computer, but it was still fun. On Friday Amos had a doctor's appointment in Roseville, which is out of our mission! That was exciting.... something different. We're feeling better now.

Last Monday E. George and I went exploring around the other bridge in Folsom. The American River is so beautiful. The section we were checking out was below the Folsom Lake Dam, so it's really calm water. I caught a little crawdad :) I took some sweet underwater pictures too.

Saturday evening Amos and I were feeling better so we went out to visit a few of our investigators. We were walking down the street when we ran into this guy who started asking us more about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and other doctrine questions. We were so stoked. He took us to his house and we taught him right there. As we taught he asked questions that lead right into the next part of our discussion. At first I wasn't sure if he was just a member pretending to be an investigator, but then I saw a bunch of booze in his kitchen. BUT, he has a really open mind and is receptive. Miracle!

Yesterday a Korean member in our ward brought her nephew to church, Eric. He's nine, his parent's aren't members, but he wants to be baptized. He is a smart kid for his age.... knows a lot about religious history. We taught him last week, but this week we invited him to a baptism date: January 7th! I'm  so stoked. It won't count for a white christmas december baptism, but I don't care. It's a miracle! :)

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