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Monday, July 30, 2012


This week was great! Our investigators are great. We have a large teaching pool and we are constantly adding and dropping new investigators, but we have really been focusing on finding and helping people be baptized right now. It's a big commitment but we know that it will make people the most happy in the eternities. There are a few investigators coming to church and keeping commitments. The majority of our investigators keep commitments when it is convenient and are unsure about the commitment and covenant of being baptized. Some of them have concerns like "I'm in my 80's and probably don't have that much longer on this earth. How will not drinking alcohol and coffee and wine help my already decrepit body healthy?" One of the people we are teaching is Latino and has attended the Spanish ward and didn't like it, but doesn't understand very much of the doctrine terminology that we use in the English ward. Many have living problems and health problems and family issues. But, the work goes on and I love it.

Last Monday was Elder Gurr's birthday! He got a package from his family and we had dinner with the Ganoes, our bishop's family. It was awesome. I ordered a "Mormon Messages" DVD from Deseret Book for him. Those short videos are so inspiring when teaching principles like the Atonement or families or our purpose on earth. It was also Elder Hubbard's birthday this week, so we celebrated that. Our apartment is kinda "caked-out" with all the sugar foods that we have eaten.

Well, next week is transfers (already!). I hope that either I'll stay with Elder Gurr or get a new missionary. I think it would be fun to train, but Elder Gurr has been my favorite companion. The ward loves him too. We'll find out next Monday. A little more about E Gurr: he is going to Dixie State in St. George for graphic design. He is an amazing artist. He loves the outdoors and wants to work as a wildfire fighter. He worked at Brianhead as a trails manager. He loves motocross and is really good at freestyle. He is the oldest boy of seven. Yeah, he's a pretty fly guy. His family seems pretty cool too.

As a side-note we all cut our hair really short and buzzed in our parts. It makes it easy riding and sweating with a helmet on. I don't even have to use gel... it's nice.

Love ya!

Elder Chris Andrew
California Sacramento Mission
8267 Deseret Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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