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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Oh boy, it's been a good week. Our transfer calls came last night, and I'm leaving to Elk Grove to be a district leader. I'm being "shotgun-ed" or "white-washed" into an area, which means my companion will be just as new to the area as I am. My companion (not sure how to spell his name, I'll let you know next week) is from Mexico and was called to speak Spanish in this mission, but is being moved to English work this transfer. So, I'm not sure how much English he speaks. It will be an adventure. Good stuff! I have a feeling it will be a humbling transfer as I accept this responsibility. I just talked with Elder Muir, the missionary that was serving there last transfer, and he told me that they have a investigator with a baptismal date and a few other progressing investigators. Yeehaw!

Elder Brook is staying in Valley Oaks ward with Elder Chatterton! Elder Chatterton came out with me from the MTC. "Valley Oaks! No jokes! We be baptizing all the folks!" This Saturday is the baptisms of Jacob Lemon and Janie Mustapha. I'm hoping and praying that I will be able to come back for their baptisms.

On Sunday the Mezey family was baptized! SO happy! It's been a long road for them, but it was such a sweet, happy day. Br Mezey received the priesthood in church and baptized his wife, Amy, and four children that evening. In the picture, from left to right, is me, Alyssa, Shelbie, Elder Brook about, Br Mezey and Sis. Mezey, James, Kayleigh, and their next youngest Lilliah in her lap. They have a new born brother J.T. that is not in the picture. They are an awesome family.

Along with Br Mezey in church Tom Erps received the Aaronic priesthood. It was a blessing to be able to participate in his ordination. Edgar and his family is living in the El Dorado ward now, and he should be receiving the priesthood soon too.

Well, it's a big week ahead and I'm stoked for the adventure. It will be a challenge. I'll miss the people of Stockton. It's been real, it's been fun... it's been real fun. I love you all! Love,

Elder Andrew

PS the Stockton homicide count is 69 this year. That breaks the record, which was set last year! Last weekend there were 4 murders, and our mission president told all the missionaries in Stockton to return to their apartments by 8pm to do companion study, instead on returning at 9pm. Good stuff!

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  1. elder Andrew your a baptizen machine!! just got home 3 days ago! i love ya bro!


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