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Monday, April 9, 2012


Sorry for not posting last week, it was a busy preparation day. We enjoyed General Conference last weekend, although on Saturday we had a couple service projects that happened during the first two sessions, so we downloaded the Saturday talks and burned them onto CD. We were able to watch the Priesthood session at our church building in the evening, and then we went out with Br Martinez, our ward mission leader. We've been listening to the Saturday talks in the car and in the apartment, but it's just not the same as watching them live. I think I understand a little now how football fans feel when we tell them they can just record the game and watch it later, after they've come to church. It's just not the same! Yeah, ok, ok.
On Sunday we watch conference with the Busi family in Ione ward. They had a huge tent set up in the living room and we all watched it under there. It kinda reminded me of what my siblings do during conference weekend with any chair, couch, and blanket they can find. Build a fort! We always feel welcomed and loved at the Busi's, like a part of the family. We called Steve Sunday evening and he had listened to the first three sessions of General Conference! He's just amazing. One of my favorite talks was President Eyring's about tests and trials. That's very applicable to many people we teach.
On Monday we waited for our transfer calls. I HATE transfers. I always get really nervous about if I'm going to get transferred or not, if I'm going to get a new companion and who it's going to be... I get way too worried. It's unhealthy--I've gotten sick with a cold twice during transfers. Well, Monday evening President Lewis called us up and talked to Elder Barrow. They always have a way of speaking really slow and dragging out the phone call before they tell us what's going on. "Elder _____, we want you to know that the Lord is pleased with the work you've done in your wards and you're doing a good job. And we've fasted and prayed for a long time, and we feel that........" Just tell me where I'm going and who I'll be with this transfer already! Well, E Barrow and I are both staying in Jackson/Ione! This is his last transfer, and President Lewis made him the district leader of our group of four elders. I am so glad I am staying in this area. This means I'll "kill" (send home) Elder Barrow and most likely stay here for another six weeks to show the new missionary in. Six months in Amador County! I love this place.
With E Barrow's new responsibility we have to travel down to the valley often for trainings and leadership meetings. We have been a little frustrated with how much time we spend traveling to and from and the time we're in meetings and not working in our area, but now Elder Barrow's calling is to help other missionaries as well, and our responsibility is not just our wards anymore. We're working on finding ways to be more effective so that we are still able to accomplish the same amount of work we were able to do. As with everything on the mission, it's a growing and learning experience.
Elder Maxfield got a new companion; Elder Smith, from Dallas, TX. Now there's two Texans in our district! It made E Barrow happy :) I look forward to getting to know E Smith better on exchanges this transfer.
This Sunday we were pleased with many less-active members that we are working with that attended church! Hopefully it won't be just an Easter Sunday thing. The church has created a few websites for Easter and we were able to direct a few people in our contacting to them. facebook.com/mormon is a website where others can share their feelings of Christ, and there are a lot of cool videos that the church has created to depict stories and scenes from the Bible. Things like these are great tools for sharing the Gospel.
Well, love you all and write ya later!

Elder Chris Andrew
California Sacramento Mission
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