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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! Kurt was baptized this weekend. This is my companion and I and his mom with Kurt. The baptism was awesome... there was a lot of support for Kurt. This week before his baptism Kurt has had a lot of opposition, especially from a pastor friend that baptized Kurt into his church a while ago. He told Kurt anti-mormon information. We had a good lesson with Kurt before he had to see him again. I know when someone comes at me with a load of anti crap, even if it's all a ton of lies, I feel deflated and lousy. I'm sure it's even harder for someone who hasn't even been baptized yet! We helped Kurt focus on his testimony; what he knows by the Holy Ghost. In the end that's all that matters -- if you have helped your investigator understand the fundamentals, revelation through reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and coming to church, then they WILL receive an answer to their prayers, and that is the beginning of true conversion. You can't know the church is true just because you like the people in your ward or the doctrine logically makes sense. Those should help, but ultimately your testimony will be from the Holy Ghost.

Ian came to Kurt's baptism, and his baptism is scheduled for this Saturday.

My Christmas call home was great. It always seems to come at the perfect time -- just when I feel like it's been forever (about six months) since I've talked with my family, Christmas or Mother's Day rolls around. Everybody seems to be doing great; Joseph's voice is deeper and Olivia's growing up. I sure miss them!

In our YSA ward at church we had a miracle. A member brought someone he had just met that moved from Wyoming. Her name is Lauren. She has gone to church for six months in Wyoming and want to learn from the missionaries. We have an appt. with her tomorrow!

My companion is so funny. He talks in his sleep, and I can hold a conversation with him. At 10:52 last night he said out of the blue: "There doesn't seem to be very many people here. Where is everybody?"
"I don't know, where are they?"
"I have no idea."
"Where are we?"
"I have no idea."
"What are we doing?"
"I have no idea."

I was trying to get some better details of his dream, but I guess E. Christensen really doesn't know :)

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  1. Elder Andrew was at our house today for some New Year's Day fun, food, and service with the Zone.

    We planned a service project at our neighbor's house. The missionaries helped to clear branches and brush into burn piles. Then Elder Andrew and Elder Christensen cut down a dead pine tree. They worked hard and had a blast. A large pile of brush and branches was burned, for some of the missionaries this was their first experience working out on acreage. Our neighbors were so grateful for their service.

    Elder Andrew is an exceptional individual, a hard worker, and a wonderful missionary.

    Our best to his family at home. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    Mark & Audrey Gomm


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