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Monday, January 7, 2013


This week was great! On Wednesday all the zone leaders in the mission gathered for zone leaders council with the APs and President and Sister Lewis. It's pretty cool to be a part of the goal setting for the mission and talk about issues and things we need to change. We're really trying to "slay the slang." Using inappropriate terms and language detracts from our image and effectiveness as missionaries. I thought I didn't have a problem with slang until this week. I've been working to cut out "dude," "man," "buddy," "bro," "awesome," "nuts," "pana (buddy in Spanish)," "darn," "guys," "freaking," and other casual terms. It's hard!

The next day we had zone training with our zone. Elder Christensen and I used to the material that we received from zone leaders council to teach our missionaries. We hope that it had a good influence and built our missionaries up.

After zone training I went on exchange with one of our Spanish missionaries. His name is Elder Fullwood from TX. He's great. I practiced my prayers and testimony in Spanish. I wish I had more time to learn! It's a challenge to find Latino people in this part of California, and this companionship comes up with creative ways to find them. Looking in the phonebook for spanish names, looking for hints like a mop outside the front door, Mexican music playing, brown children playing outside... They're pretty good.

And the highlight of this week was Ian's baptism! It was so great. His parents came and two recent convert friends from Oakland he had a lot of support from the YSA ward. Our ward mission leader Logan baptized him. On Sunday he asked me to confirm him. Ian is incredible. Both him and Kurt are working toward receiving the Aaronic Priesthood. I really want to see both of them on missions. They are amazing. I love you all! Love,

Elder Andrew

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